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DIY Elinchrom Ranger Quadra Speed Ring


I have a 53″ Rotalux that I use for my main light but I wanted another softbox (with grid) to use for rim lighting or when I don’t need something so large. As seen in my other blog posts, I have a 2×3 Amvona softbox, which has already been through two iterations (Mod1, Mod2) so why not go for one more. The third time’s the charm!

However, no one makes a Quadra speed ring, so I had to. The Quadra isn’t designed to support heavy modifiers but luckily, my Amvona softbox connects to the light stand via the main frame/bracket of the softbox, not the strobe.

I should also note that this isn’t as “DIY” as my other posts. Well, it might be for some, but I didn’t have the machinery to make it how I wanted so I had to turn to a pro for a little help.

My first plan was to get a 1″ strip of aluminum (from Lowes), cut the Quadra notches in it, bend it into a circle, then have the welder weld this cylindrical piece to the flange piece (that I would have him make). I made the aluminum piece and it turned out OK, the circle wasn’t quite a circle. I took this to my welder/machinist friend but he recommended we start from scratch using steel. I was game since I knew it would be perfect. They cut the cylindrical and flange pieces out on a laser, then rolled the cylindrical piece into a perfect circle. He welded the two pieces together from the bottom then ground the welds flat.

I then cut out the notches. I first made a template using masking tape and the original Quadra reflector. I lined the edge of the tape up with the edge of the cylindrical part of the reflector (the outer side) and wrapped it around. Then I used an X-Acto knife to cut out the notches, tracing right along the existing notches in the reflector. After that I just transfered the tape to the speed ring and colored in the notches with a Sharpie. Cutting out the metal is easier than you think. For any radiused corners I just used a drill. Then I used a cut-off disc on a Dremel to cut the flat parts and finished it up with a Dremel Tungsten Carbide Cutter (#9903 or 9910). I used the tungsten cutter to cut out the stuff I couldn’t get to with the cutting disc, to deburr, and to round out any sharp corners. Finally, I gave it a quick sanding with 100 grit.

Quadra speed ring notched

I wiped it down with rubbing alcohol then got ready for paint. I tapped off the inside of the cylindrical part as it was a perfect fit on the strobe and paint would’ve made it too tight of a fit. Also, the paint would just wear off with each use. I primed the speed ring then spray-painted the front part (the part inside the softbox) white, and the back side semi-gloss black. I painted the white part first and let it dry for a few hours so it could sit with this side to the bottom when I painted the back part.

Quadra speed ring painted

I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

Quadra speed ring installed

Quadra speed ring front

The Amvona softbox looks puny next to the Rotalux!
softbox comparrison, Rotalux Amvona

Rotalux and Amvona softbox


9 Responses to “DIY Elinchrom Ranger Quadra Speed Ring”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Hi, well done! I’m also trying to do something like that to make a beauty dish for my D-Lites, I just wanna ask you the thickness (in millimeters if you can) of the steel you used! Bye!

  2. Jan Says:

    Thanks! I asked the machinist and he thinks it was either 18 or 20 gauge steel. I just used a dial caliper to measure the circular part and, including paint, it’s about 0.03″ or 0.762 mm thick. I hope that helps!

  3. Andrea Says:

    It helps a lot! thanks!

  4. Frank Says:

    Hi Jan, nice work.

    Would you be interested in remaking and selling one of these to me? I don’t have experience with metal working and have been dying to get an octabox on my Quadra.


  5. Jan Says:

    Thanks, Frank. Yeah I can do that. Is your octabox large/heavy? The Quadra isn’t meant to support a lot of weight so if you want to use a large modifier, I’d have to integrate a light stand mount into the speedring, which wouldn’t be a problem. Shoot me an email with some more info and we’ll take it from there!

  6. Earle Says:

    Hi Jan:

    I came across this and have the same question Frank has … have you gone into a cottage industry of producing these yet? My primary interst is with the actual Elinchrom products (Deep Octa) and even have a spare existing Rotalux speed ring.



  7. Jan Says:

    Hi Earle, I never heard back from Frank so I never pursued it any further. I can get more of these made so If you’re interested, just let me know.

  8. Mdelrossi Says:

    I just got a quadra and this ring looks like it puts the flashtube further into the box/dish.ow much would you want to make up a couple?
    I’m in NY btw

  9. Rick Lohre Says:

    Interested in seeing about getting a couple of these made. Any interest?

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