Jan Christian

Adobe Lightroom 3 is 50% off until midnight!


Simply put, Adobe Lightroom 3 is amazing. I used to do all of my post processing in Photoshop but then I gave Lightroom a shot and loved it. I’ve been using it since the Beta release and now I don’t want to be without it. It’s so powerful that I do most of my editing in LR3. If there’s an edit you really like, you can save those settings as a “preset” to apply to another photo with one click. If I do need to do some editing in Photoshop, Lightroom has an easy way to “Edit in Photoshop…” then when you’re done and hit save, it automatically imports the newly edited photo into Lightroom so your workflow is seamless. I also like how you can “flag” photos (keepers) or “reject” the bad ones, to help organize the shoot. You can also rate each photo with stars (* to *****) or use color codes to help sort them. If you’re in the market for Lightroom, now’s your chance to get it at an amazing discount; it’s 50% off until midnight: Buy Adobe Lightroom 3 Hurry! After that it goes back up to $300.

Lightroom 3 LR3 screenshot Maui sunset


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